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E.U. Court Orders Google to Grant ‘Right to Be Forgotten’

The highest court in the European Union decided on Tuesday that Google must grant users of its search engine a right to delete links about themselves in some cases, including links to legal records. The decision by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is a blow for Google, which has sought to avoid the […]

Yahoo is put to the test as Alibaba files for the largest U.S. IPO on record, an estimated $150 billion at the time of the offering.

Marissa Mayer is finally set to get a cash infusion from Yahoo! Inc.’s nine-year investment in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. — along with the pressure of putting the money to work. Yahoo is selling 208 million shares, or about 40 percent of its Alibaba stake, in the Chinese Internet company’s upcoming initial public offering, and […]

Think twice before updating your phone.

Apple Upgrade Tracks Customers… Even When Marketing Apps Are Off The people who design marketing apps are celebrating a change in the way works on iPhones. That’s the Bluetooth-based system that lets a store track a customer’s movements, and capitalize on them. For instance, if iBeacon detects you lingering in the shoe department, it might […]

What do Jeff Bezos, NASA, and the CIA have in common? 9 Ways Quantum Computing and D-Wave Will Change Everything.

For years astronomers have believed that the coldest place in the universe is a massive gas cloud 5,000 light-years from Earth called the Boomerang Nebula, where the temperature hovers at around –458°F, just a whisker above absolute zero. But as it turns out, the scientists have been off by about 5,000 lightyears. The coldest place […]

5 Questions for CEO Mary Barra on General Motors to recall 1.5 million vehicles

Mary Barra has spent much of her first three months as General Motors CEO apologizing for the company’s failure to recall 2.6 million vehicles until after 13 deaths had occurred. Tuesday she’ll have to answer some very tough questions from the House Energy and Commerce Committee about why it took GM 10 years to order […]

5 World News You Should Know About. Weekend Wrap-Up.

1. Moscow will make Crimea a Special Economic Zone with Tax Breaks to Attract Investors.   In a further attempt to cement the annexation of Crimea; Moscow will try to bring in foreign capital into Crimea by declaring the area a special economic zone with large tax breaks for investors.  Speaking in Simferopol on Monday, the Prime Minister said […]

Why Turning Off your Wireless Connection Matters Most. Data-stealing Drone Unveiled.

Security firm SensePost has unveiled its Snoopy drone, which can steal data from unsuspecting smartphone users, at the Black Hat security conference in Singapore. The drone uses the company’s software, which is installed on a computer attached to a drone. That code can be used to hack smartphones and steal personal data – all without […]

Microsoft Wants to Turn Your Entire Wall into a TV Screen

Gimodo – Microsoft has an IllumiRoom project that projects images onto the entire wall of your room. It’s pretty crazy, when you’re playing video games, the IllumiRoom will show you what’s happening around you on the screen too. Basically, you get what giant wall TV for playing video games. As IllumiRoom is only a research […]